New Year, New Ideas or Why I might finally get a Twitter account.

Now that it is a new year, I've decided to update this site to become an actual blog. Also I can't really figure out how to get rid of it.

Previously this was my portfolio site but that is now located at:

Direct access to immediate widespread communication is not high on my list of wants. I am prone - on occasion - to thinking I have a brilliant insight to share only to later wonder what the &%^$ I was thinking. However, a friend pointed out that I could use Twitter to communicate to companies. Well, okay maybe to complain a little, not about the people/staff. Jobs are too precious to mess with anyone's livelihood. But how systems work. That gets me.

I  get frustrated when something doesn't work right on a site, or it is kind of scam-y. It also bothers me when you experience the impact of bad top-down decisions, clearly more for the bottom line than the customer.

Call me a dreamer but I do love good customer service, it's just so well-mannered, functional and excellent like good design.

My current list of pet peeves -

1) local grocery store is understaffed so that standard lines are 9's a crowd

2) a wonderful new project management app/company that gets their brand dead on, great message, all about user focus, etc. but there blog has no home page link. ok mine probably won't either, but hey blogger's free.

3) shopping sites that make you "login" before you can see them

So my goal is to at least consider setting up my Twitter account. And for today, actually have a blog. Which I guess means I'll get my account set-up sometime around 2020.