Mom App

I'm going to update this prototype. Still think this concept is very viable. It's a passion project of mine. Mom App Prototype

If you've experienced the impact of alzheimer's or dementia on loved ones, you know that midway, there minds are active but limited by short term memory loss. They lose the ability to self-entertain.

Great Gamification

These folks have done a great job gamifying this post Tinder app.

Interaction Design

Been enjoying my current gig, tailoring the responsiveness of character animation to gameplay. Building small games from the ground up, and working on UI elements and effects.

One of the developers shared this video: Nails it on Interaction Design.

My Little Pony Sims Simulation

An artist named: Yudhaikeledai has made several examples of the SIMS games with "My Little Pony" characters. Copyright issues aside it's a pretty amazing example of what can be added to gameplay by having well developed characters with clear personality traits. Awesome.

Rocket5Studios and Indie Games - Doing it Right

illustration - famke - WJCarmical

Bootstrapping Indie Development is h-a-r-d. But these folks are doing it right. They have an amazing game coming out in March. I was delighted to be ask to do a collector card.

Check out there sight for hilarious flappy bird tribute game. And check out: to see awesomeness in the making.